Sunday, 15 September 2013


It's been some time, but LIES's self proclaimed literary maggot is back. Not content with worming his way into high works of fiction, Nik Dawson (AKA Bookworms) has his sights set on our minds.

Indeed, he doesn't so much worm himself into your head with his latest release, he positively declares residency there, hoisting flag and chuffing cigar.

It's not as if Dawson has been quiet during the year or so since the deadly Love Triangles EP – his role as co-head of Confused House has kept him busy, I'm sure- but I for one was worried about how Dawson could possibly follow up such a singular and accomplished debut. And as time ticked I suspected a 'difficult' second EP was in the offing.

Thankfully, Bookworms lays siege to my neurotic conjectures, coming out of the block's like a man possessed (or at least one denied a few books for a small length of time).

First up is 'Malfunction', given the whole A- side to work its insidious weaponry. Oscillating and faintly acidic synths hypnotise the head, whilst motorik grooves whip the limbs into action. It is a steely, more dancefloor oriented departure from Dawson's recent Confused House work. It combines the head fucking atmospheric textures from the latter but allies them with tighter, leaner rhythms. The result is a beautiful yet quietly unsettling piece of music, which gives the impression of machines on the brink of collapse. With dusty drum machines, and 808 cowbell hits vying with more polished synth presets for position, it also strikes a well judged balance between grit and gossamer. Great track.

The EP as a whole comes highly recommended, and further confirms Dawson, along with Terreke, Delroy, and Kupfer as among the leading lights of an always vital imprint.

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